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Maeda electricity is nothing slow development of the industry
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This year's double ten one, the performance of the furniture industry shocked the inside and outside the industry, wood door industry and building materials industry is flat. Wood door industry should focus shifted from second - and third-tier markets to e-commerce, in the information age only adapt to the new business rules can reap business opportunities. 

Disappear since the rigid demand, a line of market weakness, the operation mode of the wood door industry to take channel sinks, channel sink on or entity management, this pattern is still the traditional way of marketing, and the emerging business models. Wood door industry is in the weak economy enters a steady development period, the main reason is too stick to the original development model, market insight is not strong, advancing with The Times. 

Why can in a falling market, furniture to reap profits, and to develop new markets, and furniture industry's business philosophy. The double tenth one, in the furniture industry and the promotion of the miracle is not only shocked the inside and outside the industry, especially e-commerce sales number one hero. In the face of this situation, the wooden door industry if he did not develop electric company, only the distance with other building materials industry is more and more far. 

With the development of the society, the importance of electricity will be more apparent. E-commerce will be from the original under-part rose to dominance, various industries will depend on electricity to improve competitiveness, electricity will also bring different regions for various industries, the country's consumer or market. 

In addition, e-commerce platform will also be more diversified, diversification, suffer from wooden door outside of shrinking market space for a long time to be able to use e-commerce platform to broaden the market, access to new resources, can even by electricity to absorb local professionals, across time and space, regional business cooperation. As a result, not only solved the market saturation, the problem of excess production capacity, can help enterprises to find and cultivate talent. 

Electrical business advantages of non-traditional business model can match, even wood door industry struggling to store scale to a large extent, also not as good as electricity development speed, so the wood door industry should abandon the old ideas, to accept new things. Electrical business is a product of new era, the wooden door must be chronological and can move forward. 

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