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Rapid rolling door
  • Classification:Rolling shutter door
  • Product model:KJM-880
  • Using the environment:Any inside or outside door of the plants

DJM-880 type internal channel fast door, high speed door

Appearance: high strength aluminum alloy frame is made of 2.5mm thick galvanized steel or high quality paint;

Power performance: Germany SEW high performance brake motor.220V~380V, 50Hz, IP55 power of 1500 kilowatts 0.75-1.5 /min,

Can carry large load safe operation, the domestic electric motor can choose

Control system: imported microcomputer frequency control electric box (MITSUBISHI CPU);

Open speed: open 0.8-1.5m/ seconds / off 0.6-1.2m/ seconds (frequency conversion).

Curtain material: imported high density polyester fiber surface coating processing, thickness 0.8mm-1.5mm, color choices.

Transparent window: import PVC transparent crystal soft plate, thickness of 1.5mm, according to user requirements to open a variety of style perspective window.

The wind resistant material: aluminum alloy wind rib, segmented connection, convenient replacement.

Sealing performance: Curtain bottom type U airbag and uneven ground tightly, dustproof, mothproof door seal strip bilateral.

The advantages of rapid accumulation of doors: strong sealing, non - product dust, high stability, easy to clean, with GMP requirements. Clean environment (1000 to 100000), common in modern industrial plant. It is used for medicine, food, electronics, chemical, cigarette, printing, textile, supermarket, precision machinery, logistics warehousing, clean industrial plant area of the separation. It can keep the temperature, proof dust, reduce noise and separate the smell. It can save energy, and can start and close in high speed automatically. (When the outdoor wind pressure is too strong, it can provide rapid accumulation door.)

Open mode: button, pull rope, access control, radar recognition, fingerprint recognition, magnetic ring, computer control center etc..

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