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Sliding door
  • Classification:Sliding door
  • Product model:HSM-SD
  • Using the environment:Factory area

Sliding door product description

Industrial slippery rise door has good insulation performance, strong sealing, low noise, anti-theft, wind resistant performance.  You can open the little door and the window. It has a beautiful appearance and can be used long. Inside and outside door planet can be sprayed with a variety of colors, in order to coordinate with the construction of the outer periphery.

Wind resistance (GB/T 7106-2008), up to 700N/ meters;

Surface: the surface of the door is polyester processing. It has milky white, apricot yellow, brown (other colors to be arranged to do).

Rail road: 2 inches (51mm) all adopt 1.5 - 3mm thick hot galvanized steel plate. It has standard rail, vertical lift rail and inclined shed lift rail.

Balance system: external torsion spring balance system, torsion spring working life of 500000 ~ 1000000 time.

Door panel size range: the maximum wide is 12000mm 

The maximum height: 8500mm

Driving voltage: single phase 50HZ 220V.

Transmission mode: direct axis drive and indirect chain drive

Limited mode: mechanical and electronic.

Motor speed: 1400RPM.

Running speed: 133mm/s (UNI8612 standard).

Start times: 100 times /24 hours

Working temperature: -25, +60

Operating system: manual electric, automatic, semi - automatic, and other equipment interlocking

Seal: There is a U - shaped vinyl at the bottom. It can anti - freeze, prevent moisture and water,. There is sealed strips at side, top. And there is groove seal. It is sealed by concave and convex chamfer at the connection part of the door body.

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